Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

A divorce, or dissolution of marriage, comes with a variety of legal matters that might need to be dealt with, such as: Child Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time/Visitation, Alimony, and Division of Real Estate.  We can handle divorces ranging from uncontested, all the way through aggressive litigation.  If you are looking to divorce your spouse or have been served with divorce papers, you owe it to yourself to have Chitwood & Davey at your side working for a full and fair outcome.

Child Support

In Minnesota, a child has the right to benefit from the income of both parents.  In the past, only the income of the non-custodial parent (the one who doesn’t have the child most of the time) was used to calculate child support payments.  Since 2007, the income of both parents plays a role.  We understand how important child support is in raising your child and can assist you in obtaining the appropriate amount of child support that your child is entitled to under the law. 

Modification of Child Support

Sometimes life throws you a curveball.  In these tough economic times, many people are dealing with the loss of a job, or having to make ends meet with a lower paying job.  If your situation has changed, you might be entitled to a modification of the amount of child support you pay.  Because the law has changed so much recently, if your support order was calculated before 2007, you might be entitled to a modification of the amount you pay on that alone.  Chitwood & Davey can work to modify your payments and give you a break while you get back on your feet.

Visitation/Parenting Time

As a parent, you have the right to visitation/parenting time with your child.  Circumstances can change, and problems that result from changing work and school schedules mean that a visitation schedule that once worked, no longer does.  Our Firm can help you to modify your current parenting time schedule to make sure you get the most time possible with your child.


An adoption, once finalized, is a happy thing.  However, without an attorney at your side, it is easy to get lost in a sea of paperwork and technicalities.  We can lead you through the drafting of an adoption petition, obtaining the correct waivers and consents, as well as the necessary court appearances.